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I was driving one day, looked down for a second, and look up suddenly because the car in front of me had the third break like flash. It really grabbed my attention. I use this story all the time when I’m telling customers they need to get R.E.D. Alert installed on their car. Because I have seen personally that it really does make a difference.

I knew distracted driving was a huge cause of accidents, but I only saw the solution I could make was to ensure that I wasn’t distracted until I discovered R.E.D. Alert. Being able to help the drivers around me from rear ending me was a game changer!

I have a habit of watching the drivers behind me when I break suddenly, but now that I have R.E.D. Alert installed, I don’t feel the need as much.

I feel so much safer now having R.E.D. Alert installed in my vehicle. It really gives me a peace of mind knowing I am getting the drivers attention behind me.

I notice customers have that “ah-huh” moment in the office when I tell them they can take matters into their own hands to ensure people don’t rear-end them!

I wanted to protect my new mustang from tailgaters. I ordered a RED Alert brake light through the dealership. The install was quick and in no time I had additional safety and security for my mustang.

I ordered my R.E.D. Alert brake light when I purchased my new Cruze from my Chevrolet dealership. I'm leaving this testimonial because the other day I had someone slam their brakes behind me on the freeway. I have no doubt R.E.D. Alert saved me from a rear-end collision.

It is so encouraging hearing the customers come back to the dealership for service appointments talking about watching the drivers through their rear-view mirrors and seeing the light flashing catch their attention.

After getting rear-ended I felt so insecure driving. I asked my dealership about safety options and they recommended R.E.D. Alert. Since installing it, there have been no close calls. Thank you R.E.D. Alert!

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