About R.E.D. Alert

R.E.D. Alert was founded in 1993 in Las Vegas, NV.  We have been selling and installing Red Alert since 1999, saving countless lives.  We carry Garage Keeper liability insurance and  are bonded and insured.


The Problem

•Distraction due to cell phones. As society has become more and more dependent on phones, drivers routinely glance at their phones every few minutes.

•Inattention while eating or drinking. Everyone is trying to cram more activity into each day, and it’s easy to try to multi-task as much as possible.

•Listening to others in the car. Whether it’s loud music, arguing passengers or boisterous children, unnecessary noise can be distracting.

•Focusing on appearance. One of the most significant distractions for women in particular is trying to do hair and make-up while driving.

•Failing to leave adequate space. Those few seconds make a big difference when a car makes a sudden stop.

Life Saving Change!

“When I first decided to add R.E.D. Alert Brake to my new Nissan, I didnt think much of it. 3 months later and I'm so happy I made that decision. I have had some very close calls on the freeway with distracted drivers on phones. R.E.D. Alert gets their attention. Thank you!”

– Terrance

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