How To File a Claim

A. Throughout the selected term of this Limited Product Warranty, you must maintain comprehensive automobile insurance coverage on the covered vehicle (failure to do so will VOID this Limited Product Warranty).

B. In the event of a claim, you must provide the Warrantor with all of the following documents within forty‐five (45) days of the date of loss:

(1) A copy of the police incident report

(2) A copy of the settlement check from the insurance company

(3) A copy of your automobile insurance coverage information

(4) A copy of this Limited Product Warranty.

C. In the event of a claim, please send the aforementioned documents to the Warrantor at following address:

PO Box 30250
Albuquerque, NM 87190‐0250
(800) 723‐0450

Note: All submitted copies must be properly documented before any claim can be processed for payment (handwritten copies will not be accepted). Failure to provide proper claim documentation within the forty‐five (45) day period will VOID this Limited Product Warranty.