The Original Pulsing Third Brake Light


Rear End Deterrent Safe Braking System

To protect vehicles and passengers, drivers need a rear end crash deterrent. When the vehicle’s brakes are applied, the R.E.D. Alert emits four eye-catching half second pulses from the third brake light, then remains on.

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•Dramatically improve the chances of getting the attention of distracted drivers

•Protects against Distracted Driving from cell phones, text messages, GPS navigation and audio/video devices

•R.E.D. Alert can be installed on virtually any car, truck, or SUV

•Effective when needed most, at night and during severe weather

90% of rear-end collisions could be avoided if the trailing vehicle had one extra second. of warning.
Studies have shown that R.E.D. Alert increases the reaction time of the trailing driver by nearly 50%.
Studies showed that a distracted driver is 69% more likely to notice stopping with R.E.D. Alert installed.